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How the Forces of the Empire fits into the Star Wars Universe
We are often asked exactly where Forces of the Empire fits into the Star Wars Universe. Until Episodes I, II and II came out, the answer was this: We follow along exactly right until the end of Return of the Jedi. At that point, our universe diverges, and leads into the alternate universe in which we role play. It was necessary to do this, since we have people who play the Emperor and Darth Vader, as well as other characters who died in the movies. In our universe, the Empire was dealt a great blow by the victory at Endor, but it was by no means destroyed. The Emperor survived the attack on the second Death Star (whether by grabbing something before landing in the reactor or by jumping into a pre-cloned body, is anyone's guess.) The Empire is out to take back complete control of the galaxy, and at the same time, is trying to keep itself together and stem the tide of Rebellion.

Also, in our universe, the Alliance was greatly buoyed by its victory at Endor, and is continuing the fight for freedom. The Alliance took advantage of the confusion in the Empire following the destruction of the second Death Star, and before the return of the Emperor, to gain a great deal of territory in the galaxy. Now the Alliance is trying to set up its own government in the territory it controls, to form the New Republic; as well as resisting the Empire's efforts to crush it. Since the release of The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith, a steady stream of the Old Jedi are returning to the galaxy, whether from extra-galactic missions, stasis sleep or hiding. This naturally brings them into conflict when they encounter Luke Skywalker and his Jedi Academy. The galaxy has gained a greater understanding of Palpatine's rise to power since these "documentaries" have been made public, and old Sith beliefs and techniques are being incorporated into the training of the Empire's dark minions. While the Imperials and the Alliance fight their battles, the Mercenaries Guild does what they always do: try to make a spare credit or two, sometimes selling to both sides. Ordinary citizens of the galaxy provide Local Color, and the Press Corps keeps everyone informed, while the Diplomats try to negotiate a peaceful settlement. top

Club Divisions
The Empire. Standing for law and order, and the status quo, where the government will tell you exactly what to think. Includes Sith, Imperial military and patriotic Imperial citizens. 

The Alliance. The Rebels of old have matured into a faction trying to establish their own New Republic, while also trying to ensure their survival. Includes Jedi, Alliance military, and people looking for change.

The Mercenaries Scum and Villiany. Corellians and Aldaraani ex-patriates. Smugglers, pirates, crooks and non-aligned business people. Anyone trying to do business and make a quick credit or two, hopefully ducking the Imperial Revenue Service.

The Diplomats. Sensitive, caring individuals, trying to negotiate peace in our times. (Yeah, right! I have a bridge to sell you on Aldaraan!)

The Press. Technically part of the Mercenary Division, they cover the mayhem. With slogans like "Inquiring Minds want to know" (The Galactic Inquirer), "All the News We want you to know" (The Imperial News Network), and "The Truth is Out There" (Alliance Freedom News), kind of makes you wish for CNN.

You can create a character for a specific division, or you can role play having your character enter the division after you join the club. Generally speaking, if your character is not Alliance or Imperial (or Diplomatic) you belong in the Mercenary division. Once you join a division, and are put in touch with the division leader, you will be sent information on how that division works. Work with the Division leader to define where your character fits into the division, and how your character will interact with the other divisions as well. Talk to the Division leader, and other members of the division. Decide where you will have the most fun. And above all, relax. We're all here to have

Creating a Persona You don't have to create a character or role-play in order to be a member of FoE. We love to have fans of all kinds in on the fun with us. When you join FoE, you will be sent, among other things, a Persona Bio Sheet. This is what you will use to create your character for FoE. The sheet has all the things necessary to create a background for your Character, such as: Parents, Siblings, current job, special abilities, and Character history.

FoE does not use ranks or statistics, except in live action role-play at MediaWest*Con. We rely purely on role-play. We recommend that you talk to talk to the Division Leader of the division you are considering creating a character for to get a feel for the club. When you do decide to create a character here are some things to keep in mind:


Role Playing with FOE
Forces of the Empire is an interactive role play club. Since most of our members are scattered across the country, and some are even in other countires, by necessity, most of the role playing takes place over the internet. Whether by email, AOL Instant Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger, club members will get together on-line and play.

For those club members who are not online (and there are a small percentage who are not), role play may happen via snail mail or telephone, although the latter is a rather expensive option.

The basic process is this: someone will come up with an idea for a story line. They will check with other members who have characters who may be involved, or should be involved, given that character's position. Ideally what happens next is that these people will agree on a general premise and start to play. The first person starts, then others involve their character as the situation evolves. Most of this will take place via the club role-playing email list in Yahoo Groups. Once the scenario has been worked through, generally the person who starts the role play thread will post the story on the email list, and submit the story to be posted in the story archives on the club website.

We also do live action role plays. This may range from as simple as a few members getting together for a weekend to have their characters interact, to something as complicated and involved as the Blaster Battle at MediaWest*Con. Here are the General Guidelines for Role Playing in the Forces of the Empire:

Club Email Lists and Video Chat

There are two Yahoo Groups Email lists available to paid members of the Club: a General List for conducting Club business via the web, and a Role Play List for members to have their characters interact with each other. There is also a video chat server for face-to-face interaction. Once you join the Club, you will be given information on how to subscribe to the email lists and chat

Club Events
The Official Club Event of the year: The weekend long Blaster Battle-role Play event at MediaWest*Con each Memorial Day weekend. There are other non-official get-togethers, usually around long holiday weekends. Notifications of these are posted on the General Discussion email list. top